Portable Cabins – An Office On The Move

In today’s competitive world, most of the office buildings are modular buildings as opposed to traditionally built cement and brick buildings. These modular buildings are constructed using the latest building technology that not only reduces the construction time, but also reduce the labour and building cost considerably. Like modular buildings portable cabin (also known as porta cabin) are also in great demand particularly in construction industry. Since most construction company has to provide the proper accommodation to its staff at the onsite location. In response to the growing demand for temporary and easily relocatable accommodation, more and more companies are building high quality portable cabins.
In developing countries like India, Portable cabins are used extensively in many industries. Portable site offices and cabins offers an reliable, efficient and cost effective solution. They are also easily customizable to suit different needs. From site office or admin accommodation to comfortable eating and relaxation areas, public toilet, changing room and shower facilities or even security cabins and gatehouses. Another advantages of portable cabin is that they can be easily transferable using trucks to any remote location. They can be reused for different purpose and you can easily get different size and shape of portacabins on sale.
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Basement Security Tips

Choosing the right door locks for your basement is one of the critical factor in protecting your valuables including your family from the dangers of outside intruders. Burglars are more likely to break in your house, if they can get quick and easy entry to your house without the risk of getting detected by neighbours or passer-by. The basement flats have more security problems and it need to be secured properly. Most of the basements would have housed the kitchen or accommodation for the servants. The problem with basement flats is that people living above or walking along the foot-way can not see what’s happening in the basement. Natural surveillance which is key to deter the burglars is simply missing and hence this make houses with basement more vulnerable to burglary. You need to secure the doors of the basement with the best possible door lock. Also by fully reviewing your particular needs and security concerns, including looking at your property from the perspective of an burglar, you can best determine what type of locks are best for your home.

There are various steps or measures you can take to make your basement and your home secure. But always keep in mind when planning the security of your home, that there should be escape route in case of any emergency such as fire.

Window locks and Grilles

  • Retro fitted window locks found in most basement flats are not secure; consider installing removable grilles or collapsible gates at the inner side of the existing windows. If this is not within your budget then at least replace the windows with the better secured certified windows and make sure they are glazed with a laminated glass on the inside of the sealed unit to at least 6mm thick.
  • If your basement windows have fixed and external ‘burglar bars’ then make sure you can get out of the main entrance door at all times. Also install smoke detectors and door closers on all doors to make sure in case of any emergency, you get aware and escape to exit.
  • If the above things are not possible for you then the lease you can do is install locks on your windows that have an intruder alarm.

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Top Basement Ideas That You Would Love

Most people consider turning their basement area into a guestroom or a bedroom, but they don’t how to do it or they lack the ideas and creativity. In most cases basements are unfinished and are used for storage, but with some creativity they can be turn into living space. You can find ideas, inspiration and tips for turning your basement into a stylish, functional extension of your home. Moreover, a game room or even a calm relaxing space or a wonderful workspace can be planned in this area. With cleaning, basic remodeling and painting you can have the area ready for use.

Basement renovation can be expensive if proper planning is not done. The major expense in the basement remodelling is the carpeting. By making smart choices and properly handling the project you can easily renovate your basement yourself. Here are some tips :

  • Before you start renovating your basement, you need to carefully think about the future use of that room. The best way is to actually keep the purpose of the room flexible so that you can change it to different purpose whenever you need
  • It’s always a better idea to fully utilize the space in the basement area by adding built-ins shelving and storage areas. You may also use adjacent rooms for places you might be able to steal space from.
  • The best way to make your basement feel really inviting, is to create an open stairwell. It connects the upper part of the house with the basemtn and allows natural light to come into the basement.
  • If your basement flooring is untidy or cold, you should install the good quality carpet that makes the room more comfortable and also inviting.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of your remodel of basement matching the rest of your house. It’s critical when you’re upgrading your basement that it feels like it belongs to the rest of the house

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